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What Was The Most Important Cause Of The First World War?

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THE CAUSES OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR Task: Read the following passage. When you come across a passage which deals with a cause of World War 1, copy it to the appropriate section of Table 1 below. When you come across a passage that relates to a certain country, copy it to the appropriate section of Table 2. Task: Read the following passage. When you come across a passage which deals with a cause of World War 1, copy it to the appropriate section of Table 1 below. When you come across a passage that relates to a certain country, copy it to the appropriate section of Table 2. In 1900 the countries of Europe, together with the United States and Japan, dominated the world. The great ...view middle of the document...

Chart 2: Whose fault was the war? GERMANY In western Europe, France had lost land (Alsace Lorraine) to Germany after a war in 1870; Russia mobilised its army (got ready to fight) which caused the Germans to declare war on Russia (1 August). As Russia was allied to France the Germans declared war on France (3 August). Britain and Germany added to the tension by having a 'naval race'. Disputes over the future of Morocco led to the first and second Moroccan crisis. Germany started late in the race to gain colonies, but was trying hard to catch up. SERBIA The assassins had some contact with Serbia, a newly independent state in the Balkans. Austria (backed and encouraged by Germany) used the assassination as an excuse to humiliate Serbia; Serbia (encouraged by Russia) resisted. RUSSIA Serbia (encouraged by Russia) resisted. more.

However, Militarism has a large part as well as the fact that Britain and Germany created a small rivalry between the two countries and Russia mobilizing its army also got Germany angry. Imperialism caused Germany to get angry at Britain and France when France embarrassed...

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