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What Way Has Sociology Chaged Over Time

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1) Identify and briefly explain three ways in which women may be disadvantages by religion today.
Women may be disadvantaged by religion today as Marxists and feminists both argue that religion can be an instrument of domination and oppression. Giddens also argues that ‘The Christian religion is a resolutely male affair in its symbolism as well as its hierarchy’, this shows that women have a disadvantage in religion as they are being mistreated due to men getting higher up jobs in some religions such as Christianity.
Furthermore women are disadvantaged by religion as women are given the false belief that they will be compensated for their sufferings on earth by equality in heaven, ...view middle of the document...

(Wilson 1982) For example, Anglican and Roman Catholic Church membership in the UK is projected to drop by 52% by 2020, if trends continue. However it can be argued that Britain has not become a secular society as religion is as much a part of modern society as it has been of any society in the past though its specific forms may indeed change. (Hamilton 2001) It is argued by some that we have a false view of the influence of religion in past societies and that there is as much irreligion as there is today. Furthermore, many sociologists such as Davie argue that everyone attends church or has some form of religion in their life at one point.
3) Different social groups have different social and spiritual needs and use religion and religious organisations in very different ways. To what extent do sociological arguments and evidence support this view?

It can be argued that different social groups have different social and spiritual needs and use religion and religious organisations in very different ways. For example Irish Catholics used religious organisations when they came to Britain by joining catholic churches all in similar areas. This was to get over the potato famine of the 1840’s and the consequence of starving children. This...

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