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What we put into our bodies is our choice. However, have you ever stopped to think about where the food you buy at the local supermarket comes from? When we think we are eating healthy are we really making the right choices? What about where does the food from the supermarket comes from? How did it get to the supermarket before it made its way into your shopping cart? These are all questions we want to think about when we make food choices. Not only do we want to make right choices but we also want our choices to have a positive outcome on our community.

Supermarkets are usually stocked via grocery suppliers or grocery wholesalers. One of my local chain supermarkets, ...view middle of the document...

There are many events that take place in order for the merchandise to reach the supermarkets. First farmers need to grow produce or raise animals. Unfortunately, cattle, pigs and goats are considered a commodity and are raised in factory farms (Scott, K. 2009). According to an article written by Karen Scott for the Examiner, these animals are fed nutrient-deficient food, injected with hormones and kept in confined spaces so that they will gain weight and produce more meat or milk. She also writes that sometimes animals that
don’t eat meat end up eating their own kind due to the mixing in of dead ones in the feed. When this happens it can result in Mad Cow Disease which can be passed on to humans when they consume the meat from these animals. She believes that eating this kind of meat for any kind of time can have an effect on your physical and mental health. This is only part of what may happen to the meat our grocery stores sell. Since they deal with suppliers, supermarkets don’t deal directly with manufacturers. Suppliers are the middle person. The supermarkets may not even be aware of where the meat comes from. Produce can come from many farms through the country and even from other countries. The produce would be harvested, sorted, packed for delivery and be sent on its way to its destination. Animals would be raised, killed, butchered, packaged and sent on their way. Both have to travel to their destined supermarkets. Therefore, they have to be loaded onto trucks or vehicles of transportation and then driven to where they will be distributed. By the time the products are on their way there has been a lot of labor involved to prepare them to the stage they are in. The vehicles used for transportation use gas to get to where
they are going. Once at the supermarket, there will be workers that unload the trucks, get the products ready for sale and put them out on the floor. In this particular scenario I don’t know where the items came from because they are from a supplier. Unless it is marked I cannot tell if they are from a different country. The items in the supermarket need to meet regulations in order to be able to be sold to the public. Refrigerated items need to be kept at certain temperatures and can’t be kept on the shelf past the sale by date.

If I were to follow the suggestions in the three articles about the 100 mile diet, I would only purchase items within a 100 mile radius of my home, Brockton, Massachusetts. In the article “You are where you eat”, a couple find themselves in a situation where they end up foraging for food. Once they eat their meal they put together they find that it is really satisfying not only the food itself but the feeling they get from knowing where their food came from. They go on a mission to live off of food within a 100 mile radius of their home. This is a great experiment not only to familiarize yourself with your community and what grows in it...

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