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What We Need Essay

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“What we need”

     Summer Olympics a venue that the world looks forward to every 4 years. Various sports that athletes train hard for day in and day out to achieve the coveted gold medal. An opportunity arises the chance for a given city; “your city” to hold the 2012 summer Olympic games. One dilemma, the city that they might pick is in dire need for psychological and physical uplifting. Is this the right opportunity to do so for the city of New York and try to give new life too much changed city after the September 11 tragedies? Is this a good choice for the Olympic games to be held in our own New York City, or is this an invitation for terrorist groups too spoil plans and moral once again? As well as add too the congestion of an already chaotic traffic system?
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“I think it’s great, I’m looking forward to getting a lot of work from it.”
     Other great aspects of the Olympics possibly being held in New York City is that the city will get the much needed “face-lift” in areas of the city that was already planned but it will just get done sooner. “Most of the things the Olympics need, the city needs anyway,” mayor Bloomberg was quoted to say. Businesses will boom and jobs will there for the willing to work. Some risks that we take will be well worth it.
     People are also worried about the traffic and the gridlock that would be caused by the Olympics but New Yorkers deal with it day in and day out the whole traffic is well worth it because when it is all said and done the Olympics go down in history and “you “ will be one of the lucky ones to see history in the making.
     Terrorists are the big threat that the city does not want another confrontation with. Some people say that building a stadium for the Olympics is just an invitation to terrorists to cause some kind of physical but more then that psychological. “Especially considering the wounds are still so fresh from Sept. 11,” says Mr. Gardener a NYC patron. In my opinion this event would be just the reason to help us lift that mental block off “our shoulders” as well as give “us “ the confidence needed to carry on day to day and not be afraid to go visit the Christmas tree in the winter time or go visit FAO Swartz and see all the magnificent toys or see a Broadway show or just go to a place to get a NYC pretzel because we are scared of terrorists. In 2012 I would love to see the Olympics be in our own “backyard” hear in New York City. This would be great for everyone and if little threats are what we are scared of its something we must conquer. “Every time the president comes to town we deal with it. It’s no big deal. New York is about inconvenience. That’s how we define life.”( Jeffrey Shade 41.)

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