What Were The Reasons For The Greek Cities To Make An Alliance Against Athens

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What were the reasons for the Greek cities to make an alliance against Athens?

First of all, to answer this question of this work, it is needed to be displayed when and where did the events happen. In V century BC, the territory of today’s Greece was divided between several polices or city-states. The most powerful amongst them were Athens (which was seen as a democracy in the meaning that Ancient Greeks gave to this word), Sparta (a military oligarchy), Corinth, Megara, and Argos.

After the battle for Byzantium, won by the Greeks in 478 BC, Spartans didn’t want to continue participate in military operations. They reckoned that the Greeks in Asia Minor could not be given a reliable ...view middle of the document...

That was also a method to keep the city more secure from an attack coming from the sea.

After having serious successes against the Medes, the so called Delian League led by Athens dealt with rebel allies and other Peloponnesian powers. This displays the political supremacy of Athens on the peninsula at that time.

The Athenians continued capturing Persian cities, enslaving their citizens and colonizing islands. Some of the allies bought off not giving men by sending ships and money to Athens. This is how Athens gained military power, experience, and means to support an efficient army. In that time the Greeks destroyed the large Phoenician fleet. Advancing deeper into Trace they confronted the Thracians. When rebelling against Athens Thasians asked the Spartans to help them, the latter were also ready to challenge the supremacy of Athens, but an earthquake and rebellious slaves stopped their plans from being executed. They also needed Athens’ help to tame some of their lands. As Spartans were suspicious towards Athenians, they couldn’t cooperate and feeling this Athens made an alliance with Argos, Sparta’s enemy, and the Thessalians. Some of the oppressed by Sparta people turned their eyes towards Athens – the rebels of Ithome. The Megarians, unhappy with some of their relations with Sparta and Corinth, also asked for the protection of Athens. Athens was asked for help even by one of the scrambling sides in Egypt. That was when Corinth and some allies used the opportunity opened because of other engagements of Athens and started another military campaign against it. They had to accept the continuing building of the walls of Athens for the moment.

The naval might of Athens gave fruits when Spartans had a conflict with the Phocians. They had to consider the danger which it represented. Nevertheless Sparta continued to be a major land force. Engaged in a battle with Sparta and its allies, it suffered a defeat. But Athenians were not ready to accept this situation. Two months later they marched in Spartanian and Corinthian territories and had annexed some of their territories.

But war in Egypt was going in another direction. Being there for six years, having charge of Egypt, the Athenians had now to face the plots against them conspired by the Persian king and at last they were defeated and had to leave Egypt. Their second attempt at landing forces on Egyptian soil was disastrous. Their operations in Thessaly were as a whole unsuccessful.

Having peace with Spara, Athens could use its forces elsewhere – it fought battles with the Phoenicians, Cyprians, and Cilicians and showed they had not forgotten about Egypt, where they also...

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