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What Were The Results Of The Five Year Plans

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The results of the five year plans were in three areas economics, social and political.On an economic plane the five year plans resulted in the soviet economy emphasizing heavy industry. By 1941the USSR had experienced a six-fold increase in coal production and a four-fold increase in steel production. This indicates a success of the five year plans, since the purpose of the five year plans was to industrialize and improve their economy.The five year plans also resulted in the building of new industrial cities, such as Magnitogorsk and Gorky. This is both a social and economic result. Social because it resulted in the accommodating the proletariat close to factories, which resulted in new social environments. The new industrial towns ...view middle of the document...

Further failures of the five year plans form a social point of view include: poor implementation of safety measures, low levels of pay, restriction of labor movement and use of slave labor to supplement shortages of labor. All these results in turn resulted in a class of discontent proletariat. Furthermore the poor working conditions killed many workers, which also further deepened the proletariat's discontent and decreased their motivation to work. However, this is not reflected in the output statistics of the time which illustrate a sustained growth.The political results of the five year plans were: a strengthening of the communist party control over the proletariat and the removal of social classes such as the Nepmen and 'bourgeois experts'. The population being concentrated together according to their social class, i.e. peasant or industrial worker, in communes and industrial towns made it easier for the people's commissariats to control the population of a certain area. Policies such as those which made being late or absenteeism a criminal offense and the passport policy which prevented free labor movement contributed to the strengthening of the party control. Through nationalisation the social class of the Nepmen was removed because all right to own a business were taken away. As for the bourgeois experts, they were excluded because of those less experienced and skilled workers which campaigned against them.In conclusion, the successes of the five year plans were: growth in industrial output, the building of the new industrial cities such as Magnitogorsk and Gorki and a strengthening of party control over the population. While the failures were: poor working condition and no freedom of labour movement.

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