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What You Need For Business!Mechanical Products

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HDT5120THB truck-mounted concrete pump

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The Haomei HDT5120THB truck-mounted concrete pump with boom is developed by Haomei Group on the basis of drawing on advanced domestic and foreign experience and using advanced modern computer simulation techniques to systematically analyze the effect of changes in various parameters like stress, displacement and natural frequency on the boom’s fatigue life. Meantime, Haomei Group optimized the design of the hydraulic system, adopted the latest free fluid technique and greatly lessened the impact of pumping commutation on ...view middle of the document...

Equipped with the auto throttle, the engine shows an economical efficiency of fuel consumption.
3. The hydraulic system adopts the German REXROTH oil pump and the American VICKERS control valve, which match perfectly and have higher efficiency.
4. The main electric components of the PLC computer control system are brand products made by SIEMENS, LG, SCHNEIDER and so on.
5. All operations can be carried out by short-distance control and wired remote control. There are two separate operating devices, ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment.
6. The S-shaped reversing valves, hard alloy eyeglass plates and cutting rings, rubber springs which can automatically compensate the clearances between end faces, all ensure a proper sealing property.
7. The mixer can rotate forward or backward and rotating speed can be regulated so that the problem of aggregate blocking can be settled in time.
8. The big-diameter conveying cylinder has a strong suction ability and can afford large pumping flow. The pumping capacity can be regulated through the stepless control device to get different outputs.
9. The equipment has such functions as positive pumping, reversing pumping and inching. The conveying pipe is easy to clean and the concrete piston is very convenient to replace.
10. The high-pressure cleaning system makes vehicle cleaning simple and easy.

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