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When Conflict Arises, It Is Impossible Not To Take A Side, Everyone Has A Role

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Encountering Conflict: Prac. Context Essay 1.
Prompt: “When Conflict Arises, It Is Impossible Not To Take A Side, Everyone Has A Role”

When conflict arises, it is impossible not to take a side, everyone has a role. It is difficult to control the choice of taking and being part of a conflict, because with any decision in almost all circumstances has an effect on the conflict, walking away in itself is playing a role. In a conflict there are sides with different views of what is the truth; this is the centre of the matter. Objectivity, whether intentions are positive or not, it would always result in some sort of separation such as criticism or alienation. In the end resolution is needed ...view middle of the document...

Individuals who try to remain objective in a conflict often find themselves alienated or subject to criticism. The fuel that helps drive the different sides of a conflict is the definite support from others, those that become allies and display loyalty that comfort these separate sides that they believe that their argument is the justiciable one. Unfortunately situations like these aren’t always as easy as they seem, to choose a side has a lot of responsibility of the consequences that are attached to these choices. You face the challenge of interpreting and deciding which case of the dispute in your perspective is the truth. It is impossible not to take a side for not accepting to be a part of a conflict is a motion in itself of taking a side, being neutral and supporting neither side causes frustration and anger, this resulting in you being scrutinized about the assurance of your loyalty. Even when your intentions are to keep peace between you and each side by being neutral, the overall circumstances can inflict alienation on you from both parties. Smasher Sullivan criticizes Thornhills attitude towards the indigenous Australians saying “Don’t come crying to me, Will Thornhill… When you get a spear in your guts.” Arguing the different mindset and approach that Thornhill has to the Indigenous Australians compared to Smasher, therefore creating suspicions from Smasher about which side Thornhill is really a part of, with him or against him.

The resolution of conflict only occurs when common ground is found and individuals are able to rediscover some objectivity. In order for some sort of compromise to take place, both sides must have the will to lose or sacrifice something in order to agree on anything that will lead to...

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