When It Comes To Our Generation

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Hussein AtwiProfessor WadeENGL 13011:50-3:15Gender DiscriminationWhen it comes to our generation, women and men should have equal rights. After all the protesting and suffering that women endured in order to have equal rights with men has determinately paid off. Women these days all around the world have the rights to vote, work, drive, and have mundane lives. Infelicitously, it is proven that Saudi Arabia is the only country that does not give women their congruous rights to participate in everyday life. Because of that, women are becoming rebellious as their being discriminated against. Thus protesting, and endeavoring to make their voice aurally perceived.The Government has affirmed the ...view middle of the document...

As a result, to what the regime has done, it's verbally expressing that whoever does what Manal did, they will additionally be put in confinement. According to Saudi Arabia's regime it is verboten for a women to drive, or enter a car with a man that she doesn't ken. For that reason, women can only be present with a male if the he was her sibling or her father. Moreover, since men are the adherents of the family, they spend most of their time outside the household working. Because of that, women will spend all their days at home until the man of the house has the time to take her out. This may occur in days, weeks, or maybe months. In the Daily News magazine Rym Ghazal quoted a woman that said ""I was fired immediately from my job when my boss knew I defied the driving ban and drove my car," says Madeha Al Ajroush, a Saudi psychotherapist and photographer who has an American driving license and took part in both of the previous protests. (Ghazal, p: 2). Moreover, women are tired and furious from feeling that they do not have their rights like others in the Gulf Region.Since women in Saudi Arabia have been quite for a long time, not all women are protesting against the regime. They fear that they might lose their lives, so they incline to keep quiet and live by the rules.Many women incline to optate that they can accomplish their dreams and become prosperous concurrently, many women are well edified and have achieved eminent successes in sundry fields. World Report 2013 stated "At the London 2012 summer Olympic Games, Saudi women for the first time participated in an official sporting event: Sarah Attar competed in the 800 meters, and Wujdan Shahrkhani in judo (p: 1) After the government found out, she was banned from entering her country again, because to the Ministry and government stated that, "she went against their word" (p: 1). Till this day, women in Saudi Arabia cannot relish life as free women, they have stringent rules that have to be complied with .If these rules are ignored by any woman, and she will face consequences. Moreover, women find it astonishing that in this generation it is hard to verbalize their mind, or give their opinions. According to Ghazal" some religious clerics continue to try to dissuade women from driving, with the latest declaration from one sheikh, or religious scholar, listing "damage to ovaries" as one of the reasons to avoid driving." (Ghazal p: 1). the main reason to why the regime vetoed driving is because they believe women will decrement their chances in giving birth. As they explicated, the toxins, and the energy that is engendered from the car ravages a women's ovaries kenning that indispensable job of a women is to have and raise children.Women are not only human beings with no rights, but they are not aurally perceived nor will ever be if they don't take their stand in...

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