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Where My World Began Essay

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Where my world began (a memoir on my childhood)

The childhood I remember centers around Forest Hill. I like this area because I never had to go very far to feel I was in the countryside. Forest Hill is right in the center of the city of Toronto and yet it is surrounded by two major ravines, one to the west of the neighborhood and one to the east flanking Chaplin Crescent and Avenue Road. There are many walking nature trails in these urban forests and many shortcuts that I've come to know.
I grew up in a house just one block away from the junior and senior school I attended which has the same name as my neighborhood “Forest Hill Public School” also known as South Prep. This school is ...view middle of the document...

It was like stroking a warm fur ball. Occasionally I would let him out of his cage so that he could experience a larger environment. I enjoyed making his world as comfortable as possible by scrubbing down his cage and putting fresh wood chips. JP was the closest thing I ever had as an indoor pet because, although my parents love animals, they suffer from allergies, and as such we cannot have pets.
This did not prevent me from making animal friends in the outdoors or with neighbors pets. Situated where we are there are a lot of woodland animals and birds visiting our backyard regularly. One spring in 1999 for the very first spring time our swimming pool was visited by a female mallard duck. It was March and it was still quite cold with a few wet snowy days ahead. Our pool at this time of year looks like a pond. Yet this brave little duck flew into our yard and with all the pools in the area it could have picked, it chose ours. It would sit on the water bags around the edge of the pool since the blue winter cover was still on and when it felt like going for a swim it would waddle and slide down the cover and swim in the murky surface water that had accumulated from the rain and snow. It must have been tired from its long journey because it stayed in our yard for about three weeks. As the days passed it began to recognize me as I went out and fed it and it would eventually come onto the grass. The first few times I had to watch it dive for food I threw in the water, since it would not take any offerings close to the house or from my hand. It thought it was safer in the pool.
Every morning I would look out from my bedroom window, the one that faces the back garden, to make sure it was still there. Then one day I got a great surprise; there were Two mallards in the pool! The new comer had the beautiful colored feathers of the male mallard. Now the picture was complete. It was no longer lonely, waiting and longing for the company of it's own kind, but a happy pair swimming in unison in my pool. I did what I could to help them regain their strength and they began taking short flights from our yard leaving for an hour or two at a time. It was comforting to know they would come back and everyday they came to feed a bit closer. Their outings away from our yard, however, got longer and longer as if to prepare me for the one day that, without warning, they left for good. I had a whole other year to wonder what became of them because at exactly the same time in the year 2000, and then 2001, 2002 and 2003 respectively they paid a short visit to our yard. They were welcomed guests that graced our pool with their presence until finally two years ago only the male came. He waited in vain because the female never came back. Sad and lonely, this time he only stayed a few days and flew off. He gave me strange perplexed looks. With this gaze he seemed to ask “Have you any news?” He always kept looking up at the sky calling. I still wonder what became of them in...

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