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Whether Do As Romans Do Essay

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When in Rome, should we really do as Romans do? An analysis of successful cross-cultural communication and negotiation


Abstract: It is widely accepted that today’s workplace is becoming huge rapidly and interconnected intensively for the reason that a number of companies are looking for foreign country markets to expand their business. In turn, understanding how to communication and negotiation effectively with another language speaking negotiator can be much more difficulty than before. Thus, cross-culture communication and negotiation are becoming more and more frequent and significant in daily international business. This paper focuses on the barriers of cross-culture ...view middle of the document...

”. According to Tylor, culture can be expressed through a complicate integration of beliefs, values, norms and the behavior assumptions of a society. These are the context of culture which illustrates the elements of a culture. Besides, as found on the website of Hofstede center, Hofstede developed a five-dimension framework, which are power distance, masculinity, individualism, uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation. These five dimensions explained culture characteristics and people with different cultural characteristics think or behave distinctly in cross-culture communication and negotiation, In Parissa Haghirian(2012) point of view, when in Rome, do as Romans do or not are both true and false at the same time. Three different reactions can be showed when expatriates encounter cross-culture challenges, that are resistance, acceptance and adaptation. So, expatriates need to consider separately in different cases. Nicole L. Gullekson(2010) examined of status and emotional display rules in intercultural work contexts in the United State. He found out that the nature of emotion display for expatriates is complex, and it is important to be aware of when “do as Romans do”, and when not, which suggested that when expatriates in Rome, they needn’t always do as Romans do. In this paper, the first part is the introduction and the main idea. The second part will introduce the cross-culture communication and negotiation. The third part mainly identify the barriers of the cross-culture communication and negotiation. The forth section focus on whether we should follow the proverb “When in Rome do as Romans do”. The last section concludes with some suggestions that what we really should do


when communicating and negotiating with another culture.

Cross-culture communication and negotiation
According to Velo and Veronica(2011), cross-cultural communication is a process of transmitting information from sender to receiver through language, non-verbal gestures, and space relationships across different cultures. The process of the communication includes a message sender and receiver. They encode and decode the information they want to convey separately in a cultural environment and the information is sent through channels such as language and non-verbal behaviors. Cross-culture negotiation is a process of bargaining with parties aiming at reaching a win-win solution under a mixed cultural background. Though out the whole process of negotiation, the communication and styles of the negotiators are significant. Effective communication as well as the appropriate styles of the negotiators may result in successful business so that parties involved will benefit from the negotiation. Contrary, ineffective communication or unpopular styles of negotiators will result in great loss for both sides. How to make a successful cross-culture communication and negotiation? Before this, we should understand the barriers of the cross-culture communication and...

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