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Whether Young People Pay More Effort To Make The World Better

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To begin with, the technology these days are much better than in the past. Telescope, microscope... Young people are interested in these and therefore they spend more time on explore things. All these technical equipment can help young people to explore new things and help to improve the world. For example, people in the past never know about bacteria or other small things that eyes couldn't see. People never know how to cure some desease attribute to the low level of technology. But nowadays, the technology have improved a lot therefore people can easily cure some ...view middle of the document...

People could hardly have the education like this in the past. The high level of knowledge can also help young people to improve the world. For example, the animals. People in the past only knew about how to hunt them and eat them, or to turn them into domestic. But nowadays, people explore the skills and special behaviors of the animals and learn from them in order to improve our lives and the world. But without the basic knowledge of biology, people won't have the ability to study these.Moreover, the living condition of the youngsters these days are much better than in the past. The youngsters who have ability in the past pay their effort to finding food sources or to make clothes and other things to survive. But nowadays, the living conditions improved a lot, young people don't have to worry about their surviving so that they can have time to study, work and improve the world. For example, if there was a family with two old people, two youngsters and one child, the two youngster need to take care of the whole family like to find food, water and place to live. They never have time to explore anything in the nature or to improve the technology. But now, young people have a lot of time to study and do research. And they spend more time on improve the world.

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