Which Chinese Ethical System Would Be Best For The United States?

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China's isolated culture caused it to form many unique ethical systems. Three of the most popular are Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Each has its own concepts and values on how to keep order throughout the dynasty. In America today only one of these ethical systems would keep peace and order and that system is Legalism.There are many reasons why Legalism would be the best Chinese ...view middle of the document...

These laws bring the order needed to run any type of government. Also, if Confucianism or Daoism were used, conflict would arise because of the values of each. Daoism would not be a good system because in the United States there are many diverse people with different cultures and religion. Daoism tries to promote following the dao, or the way, and believing in heaven which could offend many people if used to run our government. Also, Confucianism is simply a set of values which would not be strong enough to govern a whole country, especially with different cultures. People in the United States need their own set of values because each city and state is different. Also, legalism is effective in the protection of all people, although the punishments are sometimes harsh.It is clear that Legalism would be the best ethical system to run the United States. Its system based upon ruling with strong restrictions would bring order to any society. Other ethical systems could endanger the citizens' trust in the government because it is somewhat religious.

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