Which Of Russia’s Rulers From 1855 To 1964 Served The Interests Of The Russian People Best?

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Which of Russia’s rulers from 1855 to 1964 served the interests of the Russian people best?

The leader that best served the needs of the Russian people was Khrushchev. Unlike any of the previous leader, Khrushchev concentrated on both short term and long term interests to improve thing for the Russian people. He not only solved the agricultural issues that faced Russia at this time but he started introducing reforms such as the virgin land scheme; giving the media freedom, limiting censorship, desalinisation and also the five year plans. Khrushchev was the only Russian leader to base all of this reforms completely on the interests of the people and reformed fully without fear of any ...view middle of the document...

He created economic reforms which sought to differentiate the state from the extremely censored, centralised command economy of his predecessors. This was very prominent through his approach of bettering agriculture and the economy. Khrushchev ordered the construction of self-contained ‘agro-towns’, towns focused on agricultural production, for peasants but again they were built cheaply and quickly, and subsequently were of a poor standard, nevertheless he had to make change for the short term differences in order to make a change. Pensions and benefits increased. The diet of Russians improved considerably, making the people healthier and more suited to work and create more production. Khrushchev introduced a minimum wage and standard of living improved. Between 1960-1965 the average household income grew by over 3% a year. Khrushchev and the state did not force the people to increase production but encouraged it. He increased the worth of the crops and also increased the wages. From 1953 to1964 production rose by 30% the virgin lands contributed 50% of the grain. Not only this but he freed millions of people from the camps and they were all rehabilitated. The media was given more freedom and censorship was limited, giving the people more rights to publishing and releasing what they wanted. Although there was still some control over it all.
Alexander ii did not reform with the intention of serving the interests of the people, but he did so because of the pressure he was under due to the Crimean war. The brutal defeat of Russia during this war emphasized a need for significant reform as many as 500,000 Russian soldiers died due to poor health, illness and disease that sparked due to their ‘serf’ status. Emancipation was controversial, sounded good on paper but in reality the peasants were worse off as they had 20% less land and the redemption payments were at 6% interest over a period of 49 years, higher than the typical life expectancy of a peasant. modernisation was sought in the end of serfdom, liberalization of the legal system, education and military reforms. War was a major catalyst in these changes – although this should not be over exaggerated as talks had already been made prior to the war about a possible emancipation, as Alexander stated he would rather ‘reform from above’. However, unlike Alexander ii, Khrushchev was not afraid nor was he influenced by those around him. And took action where he saw necessary.
In terms of reforming in the interests of the people Alexander iii was extremely selfish in his approach. The reform he implicated were driven by wanting to avenge his father’s assassination. The period of his rule was seen as being the age...

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