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Which Type Of Department (Line Or Staff) Is Most Important To An Organization? Why? Could An Organization Function Without Either Of Them? Why Or Why Not? 

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Rachel Preen
Management 301
Written Assignment #3
Which type of department (line or staff) is most important to an organization? Why? Could an organization function without either of them? Why or why not? 
When discussing any part of management theory you must take into consideration to many different aspects. From what kind of organization is it? What their goals are? What type of management approach does the company have? And what is the overall “tone” of the company? Answering these questions can provide, at least, a starting point on answering management questions about the company. Who is primary in establishing the answers to these questions? The upper management, specifically the ...view middle of the document...

“In effect the position provides the manager with privileged information, and this information in turn provides the CEO with much of his/her power.” (Mintzberg)
As well as setting the direction for the organization to head in, top level management also set the tone for the company. This tone is not just for the people who work for the company but is also set for how the company does business with other companies and their customers. A top level manager has the appropriate position authority to be able to establish policies about the ethics, values and beliefs of the company. As consumers, we have all had dealings with companies and organizations that have gone, what would be considered, “above and beyond” for service. That does not happen just by chance, those positive experiences happen because the top level management has created an organization that does that. Implementing compliance programs and training are one such way to ensure that employees follow the ethical standards as outlined by the top level managers. Only the top level managers have the power to be able to implement organizational wide programs that impact the organization on all levels in all departments.
An organization is also influenced by how top level managers treat employees. If employees feel appreciated and that they are working for ethical people the likely hood that they will stay with an organization longer is higher. This helps the organization because continuity of human resources means less training expenses and eliminates slower...

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