'while "I'm Not Scared" Revolves Around The Adult's World Of Corruption And Violence, It Is Essentially About The Child's World Of Friendship And Betrayal.'

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Summary: In the novel "I'm not Scared" by Niccolo Ammaniti, Michele likes presents, objects and money, but finds that loyalty and trust are far more important.The novel "I'm Not Scared" explores the playful and interesting world of childhood through the eyes of a nine year old kid. In the hot, dry summer of 1978, Michele, the main character, and his friends have nothing better to do than play new games and dares. Their small town Aqua Treverse only occupies four houses. Michele and his friends usually ride on their bikes across the deserted countryside, while the adults stay indoors shielding from the enormous heat. This gives the children the freedom to do anything they want.Like any other ...view middle of the document...

Due to the limited time he had to investigate the situation as the gang was closing down on him, he decides to keep it a secret. Michele knows that Skull would declare himself responsible for finding the boy and therefore he decides to keep it a secret. After all it's finder's keepers. He feels threatened by Skull and doesn't want such a big discovery to be taken away from him. I mean we all want to be appreciated for our good deeds but telling the others will make it only worse.After getting to know Filippo, Michele decides to be loyal and tries to tell his father about him but doesn't have a chance. Pino announces that Sergio will stay over for a few days. Little does Michele know that his dad and his friends are involved in the kidnapping. At this stage, Michele is still the small nine year old boy with an amazing secret. As it turns out, Michele overhears his father talk to his friends about Filippo.In a fraction of a second Michele finds out the truth. On a routine check up on Filippo, Michele gets caught. He is devastated because Salvatore, arguably his best friend, betrayed him for a driving lesson. Michele had full faith in Salvatore to keep the secret for himself but this just demonstrates how fragile friendships really are.Michele gets criticised by his dad for getting involved in this affair. He finds himself in a dubious position where he must choose between obeying his father and fulfilling the oath he swore to him, or following his conscience and keeping his promise to Filippo. Michele makes up his mind and choses to rescue Filippo even though it's against his father's will. He knows that they will kill Filippo if he doesn't do anything. This is the part where Michele has to act quick and make decisions on his own. Salvatore tells Michele where Filippo is kept and Michele goes...

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