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White By Law Essay

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What is Race? When some people use the "race" they attach a biological meaning, still others use "race" as a socially constructed concept.  It is clear that even though race does not have a biological meaning, it does have a social meaning which has been legally constructed. I define a "race" as a vast group of people loosely bound together by historically liable, socially significant elements of their ancestry. Races are social products. It follows that legal institutions and practices, as essential components of our highly legalized society, have had a hand in the construction of race. Throughout the history, race has been constructed by many branches of society that ...view middle of the document...

It was enslaved Africans who provided the labor force that made the growth of the United States possible. The roots of U.S. racism or White Supremacy lie in establishing economic exploitation by the theft of resources and human labor, then justifying that exploitation by institutionalizing the inferiority of its victims. The first application of White Supremacy or racism by the European-Americans who control U.S. society was against native peoples. Then came Blacks, as slaves.
Politically, the Supreme Court took god’s position to judge on the nature of every human beings, for example, in the court case state v. Mann, the court ruled upon the absolute domination of the slave owner. Therefore, this case proves how the court justify the decision as an inheritance cause, because there’s a true bond between the slave owner and the slave that no laws or rules can destroy it. The natural rights of the slave owner is absolute, in other words, the slave owner have an absolute domination over his slave; which make the slave less than a property. In a society where the highest authority ruled that a slave is less than a property or as it stated “less value than an ox” (State v. Mann, 1830). It shows how this decision was the motivation for the spread of racism and the idea of absolute domination of a human being in people’s mind. This caused people to believe that god gave this inherence ideas that a man can absolute dominate other because this person have less value than a property. The nuclear bond between the slave and the slave owner motivated other to apply the idea of difference between each other, because this bond will never be broken. This court case was the building foundation
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for the court case Dred Scott v. Stanford, because in this case the court used constructive ideas to question and manipulate the constitution; which indicated that naturally the people who can vote for the constitution would never vote to give those slaves the right to become citizens or residents. By constructing those ideas, the court took god’s rule again to preach and spread the idea that a slave cannot be treated as a human being or even a property under any circumstances ; even though, the Missouri compromise gave hope to those slaves to be free up north. If those slaves could not be looked upon them as property , not even as human beings, this shows how they will never be equal in a classroom where a white student look down upon them as less than a property , not carrying the same flesh as himself.
Looking upon the structural of today’s modern university, it’s based on constructive ideas that been inherited from many social and political forces that generate the idea of unequal results. To critically examine and look carefully upon those structures, one have to put in mind how those forces were manufactured by the Supreme Court and government institutions; which negatively obstructed the political and social structure of the university. Those ideas...

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