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White Noise Essay

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White Noise and ADHD
The article I chose to read was “ EFFECTS OF WHITE NOISE ON OFF-TASK BEHAVIOR AND ACADEMIC RESPONDING FOR CHILDREN WITH ADHD” which was conducted by Cook, Andrew, Bradley-Johnson, Sharon and Johnson, C Merle. The purpose of the study was to see if white noise will help improve academic performance and decrease attention problems in kids with ADHD. Prior research “ has shown that white noise can reduce crying in infants and young children, in addition it also improved the sleep of hospital patients.” (p. 164) Also, prior research has found that “children with ADHD performed a task with higher accuracy when white noise is present.”(p. 164)
The participants were three male ...view middle of the document...

They delivered the white noise through Sony headphones which was controlled and monitored by an audiology technician.
The type of design used was a ABCAC. The experimenter gave the teachers a checklist to do before every condition. Baseline A was no headphones or white noise was presented. During condition B Headphones were used, but no white noise was presented. Conditioned C headphones were used along with white noise. During the sessions the teachers would run their classroom as usual. In addition, once the worksheets were given out no verbal instructions were given. Furthermore, the assignments stay consistent throughout out the conditions. However, every assignment was different from the three individuals. For example, one will have a mixture of math and comprehension questions, while the other one will have an assignment that consisted of copying and spelling words.
The data shows that off task behavior seemed to be lower when the students were presented with white noise. “Suggesting that the sound of white noise can reduce off task behaviors who are taking stimulant medication”. (P. 162) However, white noise didn't seem to enhance performance, according to the article “white noise did not have a systematic effect on item completion or accuracy for any of the participants”. (p. 162). As a result, white noise seems to be helpful in certain ways. Just like it was mentioned earlier how it helps children stop crying and helps hospital patients sleep. However, in this case white noise only seemed to work to stay focused, and not help performance. Therefore, the researchers suggest more research should be done on the intervention.

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