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White Paper

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Purpose of the Paper
The purpose of this paper is to provide qualified voters with the thoughts, policies and position on international trade as they relate to the benefits of the citizens of the United States. My name is Kittinun Prangchaikul, and I am running for Congress. I personally agree that the United States needs a prompt international trade strategy that operates toward improving the economy, at the same time enhancing the living standard of its citizens. In order to understand more about my policies, I would like to analyze and support my ideas on healthcare reform, the war on terrorism, tariffs, port enhancement, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and aiding ...view middle of the document...

In addition, 61.2% of all U.S. bankruptcies in 2007 were related to increasing medical expenses (Himmelstein, Thorne, Warren and Woolhandler, 2009).
* Create new jobs
* Some workers are afraid of losing their health insurance. This fear obstructs new entrepreneurs who want to create and own their own business. Finally, these new jobs and new entrepreneurships can boost the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States.
* Develop new technology
* The United States is famous for its advanced technology in the medical industry, such as countering the spread of the H1N1 flu. The new health care system may spur new research and development in the medical field, which can then be exported to other countries.
* Access more markets
* If the government invests in a universal health care system, it would have more productivity. And if it has an excess in health care, it can also offer these health care programs to foreigners.
According to the comparative advantage theory, there are some benefits if the United States offers universal health care to its citizens. These include a business obligation reduction, new job creation, new technology development and more market accession which can generate a higher GDP and competitiveness for the United States in a global market.
War on Terrorism
After the 9/11 attacks, President Bush declared a war against terrorists, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some arguments said it was good that the government declared a war. However, I believe that a war against terrorists would create a higher trade barrier that would be an obstacle to the United States’ economy. I will examine the war on terror by its long- and short-term effects:
* Short-term effects of the war on terror includes:
* The United States’ stock market
* The war on terror had significant economic impact on the United States’ and world markets. When the war was declared, the Dow Jones Industrial Average continuously diminished after the biggest fall of 680 points, or 7.1%, on Tuesday 9, September, 2001. It means that the Unites States’ stock market would not have the same stability and reliability as before.
* The tourism industry
* There were billions of dollars in losses in the tourism sector. Tourists were afraid to travel in the United States, owing to a 40% decline in hotel reservations, which led to 3,000 employees being laid off.
* The airline industry
* Airlines were required to refund ticket purchases for customers who were unwilling to fly because of the 9/11 attacks (Makinen, 2002).
* Long-term effects of the war on terror include:
* Higher oil prices
* The war on terror affected the price of important imports, such as oil. The war led to a decline in oil, which is a necessary supply for almost every business. A decline in oil led to an increase in oil’s price and also impacted the manufacturing cost.
* Added shipping...

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