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Who Am I? A Personal Statement

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"I think you are a Westerner." With these words my geography teacher switched off his computer and walked out, leaving me in great conflict within myself. "What am I?"Maybe A little background information on me is needed before I proceed.I am of Persian ethnicity, 2 months after being born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was brought to China. I grew up in a city called Dalian, a half an hour drive from Lu Shun, formally known as Port Author. I went through Chinese public schooling until the end of 8th grade. Skipped the 9th grade and went to a half Chinese half Canadian school ...view middle of the document...

My love of the Sciences was probably a product of Chinese schooling as well. After I came to Beijing, I started learning looking at China from a foreign view, yet I am still able to understand the Chinese fully.What else would I be? I could be a Persian, since I speak Persian at home and understand its history and culture, due to strong influence of my maternal and paternal grandparents. Though my mom was born in Ohio and raised in Louisiana, and my father went through primary and secondary schooling in India. But the Persian culture is strongly engraved in our family setting.I could be an American, I was born in the states, have been all around it. Most of my family that has managed to leave Iran is now there. I listen to American rock music, watch CNN.The truth is, my point of view is not biased by any culture, yet I can see the world as a Chinese if I wanted to, because that was my cultural bias as a younger kid. I know the Chinese culture and in a way still am a part of the Chinese culture. For I understand their classics, recite their poetry, know their mannerisms. Yet I am able to adapt to other cultures, for I have traveled to over 20 countries, my two roommates are from Kazakhstan and Germany. I see myself as an instrument for bridging people of different ethnicity and culture.So what am I? I am a world citizen.

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