Who Does The Republican Party Represent? Detailed Account Of What The Republican Party Stands For And Who It Represents From The American Population

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Since the Barry Goldwater conservative invasion of the 1960's, and the Reagan Revolution of the 1980's, the Republican Party espouses a basically conservative philosophy. Concentrations of liberalism and sometimes outright socialism can be found amongst Republicans in the northeast, led by the likes of Governor Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey, who refused to sign a bill banning partial birth abortion. On the other side of the extreme, constitutional libertarianism can be found in Congressman Ron Paul, who votes against nearly every spending bill that comes out of Congress, and filed a lawsuit against President Clinton for violations of the War Powers Act.As we consider the various ...view middle of the document...

They go against the grain, disagreeing with the official party platform, which calls for an end to abortion and other strongly conservative notions. Liberal Republicans, whether officeholders or grassroots, typically favour a host of issues that are generally associated with the Democratic Party. They generally vote for increased environmental control by government. They would rather spend "surplus" money to "shore up" programs such as Medicare or Social Security rather than cutting taxes or getting rid of the IRS, they are almost always in favour of abortion rights, they are sometimes supported by unions, and they are often in favour of government dole-outs to organisations like the National Endowment for the Arts.In short, they are in favour of an activist federal government that promotes equality and social justice.What, then, makes them Republican? Most of these types would fit much better, ideologically speaking, into the Democratic Party. However, many of these liberal Republicans that hold particular seats in Congress are the only type of Republicans that can hold that seat. Congresswoman Kay Granger (14-Texas), is a liberal Republican (for the state of Texas), yet she is likely the only Republican that can hold that seat as it is presently drawn.There is also this political reality: The Republican Party enjoys a strong fund raising advantage across the country that many potential candidates are attracted to. Many party switchers over the last five years have switched to the Republican Party because of the ability to win under the Republican ticket with Republican money. Perhaps they were queasy with the idea of attaching themselves to a party that favoured Bill Clinton. Perhaps they felt that, even in the Northeast, a Republican would be more likely to awaken his or her voting base than a Democrat. Or perhaps they were simply uncomfortable with extreme leftism, the likes of which is manifested in feminism and the other rank and file of the Democratic Party.As far as the grassroots goes, liberal Republican activists are not prevalent -- except in a few pockets of northeastern states like New Jersey. They remain fairly rare in southern states such as Texas and Georgia.The Republican Party sports a conservative platform. For the time being, the rank and file has remained conservative on a nationwide level.BUSINESS AND CORPORATE INTERESTSA common and very serious complaint from the conservative grassroots is that the leadership pays little attention to the wants of the conservative base, which forms the vast majority of the activist branch of the Republican Party.So why is the leadership of the Republican Party so deaf to the social and political policies of the right wing at the party's base? One of the main reasons for this is: soft money and PAC contributions.Fortunately for the leadership of the Republican Party, they have a ready-made constituency with almost unlimited funds, that does not care if the Republican Party is for or against...

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