Who Loves Jonathan Edwards And The First Great Awakening? This Essay Analyzes Both Him And And His Movement

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The Great AwakeningVenturing through history and time, you will with out a doubt find many events that relate to the topic of religion. From the dawning of man, all the way to the second millennium, you will come upon wars, reforms and conflicts all having to do with religion. One of the most influential religious revivals of all time, and especially in our nation's history, was the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening revived the recognition of religious importance that had once been present in the seventeenth century.The Great Awakening began in 1730s and continued onward into the 1740s. Jonathan Edwards was the first to start this inspiring revival in Northampton, Massachusetts. A theological genius, Edwards declared with virtue the idiocy of believing ...view middle of the document...

Whitefield ventured through the colonies proclaiming his message of human helplessness and divine supremacy. He used his incredible talent for speaking and oration to eloquently promote religion into America. He inspired others to take up this new energetic and stimulating style of preaching, a style that included emotional appeals and dumping abuse on sinners.The Great Awakening single-handedly revitalized religion in the colonies, and left many lasting effects. Its emphasis on emotive and sensitive spirituality undermined the older clergy whose authority had derived from their education and sophistication. This schism along with many others led to the creation of many new denominations and sects of Christianity. It also increased the competitiveness of American churches. The Great Awakening led to a new wave of missionary work and also many new higher learning centers called "new light" centers. Institutions such as Brown, Rutgers, Dartmouth and Princeton were all established. The most notable contribution of the Great Awakening was the fact that it was the first mass movement of the American people. It started to break the denomination lines and bring people together, not as religious groups, but as Americans with common history and shared experiences.The Great Awakening's effect on America is still apparent today. Driving down any road, you will most definitely see at least five different sects of Christianity that were a result of the Great Awakening. We also see importance of this first mass movement of American citizens. It brought us all together into the melting pot that we currently have in the United States today. We all have different ethnicities, backgrounds and heritages, but we all have common history by living in this great country and being apart of our nations events as they occur.

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