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Who Moved My Cheese
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Who Moved My Cheese
Who moved my cheese is a fictional story by Dr. Stephen Johnson about how people deal with change and how they manage it. It describes a fictional story which demonstrates how there are four different kinds of attitudes to deal with change. Each attitude leads to different advantages or disadvantages.
In this story, Dr. Johnson uses cheese as a metaphor for anything that makes us happy and satisfied with our life e.g. money. There are four characters, two mice (i.e. Sniff and Scurry) and two ‘little’ people (i.e. ...view middle of the document...

I’ve observed a lot of people in my surrounding and judged them based on their appearance and attitude. My instincts generally lead me to the right direction.
I believe that to be successful you need to be aware of your surroundings and try to control it. I believe that you need to modify your conduct based on the situation or environment. I find that this attitude has given me enormous success my workplace i.e. the government contract area.
In my industry, the contracts are awarded in multiple years, with only the first year guaranteed, and the rest of the years might be rebidded. During the rebidding process, all companies can submit a formal proposal as to how they will fulfill the contract requirements. Part of the proposal is to find people to do the job outlined in the contract.
To determine whether a competitor has submitted a bid on your contract we just need to check the job posting currently required by the competitor. Similarly, if a competitor has contacted your workforce to join them, this means that they might win the bid and you might lose your current job. Most companies don’t let their workers know that the contract is being rebid. Hence, many employees are in a false sense of security (like Hem and Haw). Other employees (like Sniff and Scurry) including me keep a look out for the contracts being rebid, and new opportunities in the market.
I’ve observed that most companies don’t realize that they are in danger of losing the contract. A contract doesn’t get usually rebidded unless there is problem in the management or the workforce. I watch out for such companies as this means I should get a job there as the future of this company is unreliable.
To maintain a proactive approach in searching for jobs, whenever there is a job posting, I submit a feeler resume. When the HR department contacts me, I ask a few questions that help me in analyzing the situation. In addition, I periodically check with local companies so as to what position they are currently looking for. I also monitor what is happening with other employees in the market. Through this approach, I’ve been able to figure out what going on in the market. All of these points signify that my personality matches with Sniff....

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