Who Raises A Child: The Different Forms Of Child Housing

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Who Raises a Child: The Different Forms of Child Housing
Courtney J. Donald
City University Seattle

Who Raises a Child? The different Forms of Child Housing
Parents sometimes choose not to keep their child after birth. So the question is, what happens to such children? Parents has who decide that they cannot properly raise a child may abuse or, abandon him or her or put him or her up for adoption. In all three cases, the child will be removed from the parentsʼ care and other adequate housing will be found for him or her. Many different organizations and agencies have been established to help place these children. A few of these organizations are: Child Protective Services (CPS), and ...view middle of the document...

This could not be further from the truth. Once a child is removed, the parents are normally given a plan to follow in order for them to regain custody. If the plan is followed and the biological family has met all the requirements, custody is reinstated. However, commonly children stay in foster care until they reach an age at which they can properly care for themselves. Even after abuse, some children would still rather live with family than with a complete stranger. Fortunately, this is also an option in permanency planning. This option is called kinship care.
Berger (2008) defined kinship care as “a form of foster care in which a relative of a maltreated child becomes the approved caregiver”(p. G-8). The program is initiated when a family member is granted custody of the child. This allows the child to be placed in a familiar environment where he or she will be better able to develop. According to the “Elders as Resources Fact Sheet” (2005), in 2005, more than six million children were living in the homes of relatives not headed by their biological parents. In 2005, 296,940,126 people were living in the United States, which means that over 2% of children in 2005 were living in broken nuclear families. Many children find such arrangements to be beneficial. Other children find hope through adoption.
Child Welfare Information Gateway (2004) estimated that 124,407 children were adopted in 2001. These children were taken from their biological families and placed with another family permanently. Adoption is achieved after a number of court proceedings. Most children who have been adopted start off in the permanency planning system and are later taken in permanently by their foster parents. In general, this is a win for the child. At the point of adoption, children have typically been living in the foster parentsʼ home long enough to establish a relationship with them. So the children are aware of the role they must play and the rules they must follow in the family. This adjustment period allows for a smoother transition into the new family.
However, not all children have the luxury of an adjustment period. Some children are adopted immediately after entering the permanency planning system. Additionally, when many people look to adopt, they are looking for younger children. Most would like to establish a parent-infant bond. This is what normally happens. The younger a child is, the better chance he or she has of being adopted sooner. The main exception to this rule is when a parent marries, and then, the new step-parent adopts the child. These numbers are also recorded in adoption statistics. The greatest...

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