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Who's Life Is It Anyways Essay

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The theatre function works as a place where through fictional stories; characters debate or discuss social issues. Different characters represent different views which shape our thoughts and provoke the ideological conflict in our minds. Two key problems that arise through theme in the play are: The right to choose between life and death and also when to be professional and when to be personable.

There is an ethical issue in the play whether an insane person has the right to take his life or not. The debate between pro-choice vs pro-life is a social problem that Clark brings to the stage.
Dr Emerson makes a ruling based on his professional medical power, “Because Mr Harrison is incapable ...view middle of the document...

He deems his life as finished. On the other hand, the professionalism has done Ken disservice.

Another theme in the play is an issue about professionalism and being personable. Clark gets us to think about what point is it reasonable to be professional or personal?
Clark uses dark humour in the play when Ken recalls John’s suggestion to become a, “Tennis umpire; then as my head was going I could knock a pendulum from side to side and keep a clock going”. This shows us that even though John is professional in what he does, John as a character is brave enough to be more personal with Ken to make those types of comments.
Clark then uses textual allusion to Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ when Ken states about Dr Emerson, “Go and convince Dr Frankenstein that he has successfully made his monster and can now let it go”. Ken makes his point and refers Dr Emerson is playing God like in this case taking professionalism to another level.
Despite others deeming him as unprofessional, Ken defends John and values his comedy by using irony, “He...

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