Who The Hell Am I Essay

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Who The Hell Am I
Youngtae An. Yes, that is my name and that is what identifies me. Let’s first start with the meaning of my name. My grandfather gave me this name when I was born. In Korean, Youngtae means the brightest stone. He wanted me to accomplish magnificent achievements and become bright as to lighten the whole world. My last name “An” has no meaning; it is just my father’s last name. Before I begin defining myself, I want you to know that I am an extremely normal and cliché guy whom you would see every day. Anyways, let me start introducing myself. I can be defined in two ways: my personality and athletic ability. In short, I am not one of the nice guys you would see at a ...view middle of the document...

Then I got extremely angry, and that is when my memory stopped. When I woke up, I and the drunken guy were in a hospital, and my friends told me that I pounded him so much that I made him pass out. That is when I realized that I lose my rationality when I get so mad. However, although I am not easy to talk to at the first time and lose rationality when getting mad, I think I am a very cordial and easy person who would not think too much and enjoy what is available to me now. Thus, defining myself in my personality, I am the person who seems to be shy initially and to not get mad easily, but becomes talkative and sociable and loses my mind when getting extremely angry.
Second, my athletic ability can also define me well. Since I was one of the tall guys in my Korean high school, I was suggested to join the basketball team in my freshman year. Although I did not even know the rules of basketball at first, I was doing better than most of my teammates, thanks to my long arms and legs, flexibility, and inherent agility. Later in my junior year, as the leader of my team, I even led my team to the semi-final in a state championship. However, I tried playing other sports as well, such as soccer, golf, and tennis. After trying...

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