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Who Was Responsible For The Abdication Of Tsar Nicholas Ii

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Many different people and groups have been held responsible for the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, all of which played a significant role. In my opinion it was the working class of Russia at the time that were the cause of Nicholas’ abdication, but they were not guilty as such, as to call them guilty would imply they had done wrong, though the abdication of the Tsar did come about as a result of the actions of the workers. The catalyst of these actions came from the oppressive and ineffective monarchy of Nicholas II. But we also must take into account other factors influencing the actions and uprising of the proletariat, like the political and economical climate of the time.
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A main reason Nicholas remained in power in 1905 was because he introduced some political reforms. At first he promised to introduce an elected parliament, known as the Duma, which allowed the freedom of speech, and the right to join workers unions. This meant that he could no longer call himself an autocrat. But by the time of the meeting of the first Duma, the Tsar had already decided not to allow the people to appointment government ministers, nor would they have any say in foreign affairs, therefore his absolute control over Russia never changed. As well as this, the Tsar reinforced to the people his status as autocrat, and the supposed ‘fact’ that his power over all of Russia was given by God. The act of Nicholas effectively going back on his word only managed to re-ignite the anger that the Bloody Sunday massacre had brought upon him.
While the actions of the working class of Russia were a major contributing factor towards the end of Nicholas’ reign, there are other factors that must be taken into account. Nicholas had no original desire to become Tsar and therefore wasn’t ready to rule a country. He lacked confidence, was unable to gain the respect of his nation and often asked for advice from other people on how to rule. He was ignorant to governmental matters and even admitted that he was unfit to become Tsar. Nicholas became very dependent on his father’s ministers and...

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