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Whose Life Is It Anyway? By Brian Clark

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In the play, Whose Life Is It Anyway? ,composed by Brian Clark, considers the physical, emotional and intellectual journey of patient, ken Harrison, who presented with an unusual Journey because the quadriplegic which paralyzed from neck down. His journey is expressed he composer's use of dialogue, characterization and use of language features and structure of texts. Ken's quest on his journey is to discharge from the hospital and also his physical condition. While on his journey he gains new insights and understanding of himself and the world around him.In ken's physical journey, before the accident his condition was sculptor and teacher which was active life. Now he needs to spend rest of ...view middle of the document...

I haven't started her yet!" its shows Ken's sexual references are humorous and reflect his emotional frustration because he can no longer have a sexual relationship. He refers hospital as "Optimism Industry" and "monstrous regiment an extended Metaphor of the garden or hospital, where ken is the plant" and he feels he belongs on the "compost". Ken's use of expletives with Mrs. Boyle "bloody" and "bugger off" show his emotional frustration with the "so-called" professionalism that does not treat him as a human being. DR Emerson considers he must keep Ken Harrison alive, no matter what the quality of his life would be. Ken Harrison considers he has the right to be discharged, and so to die.In ken's inner of intellectual journey, the words "choice" and "dignity" are repeated in Ken's lives. He has been patient six months and wants to be allowed to die, since he can see no way live with dignity. He does not want to live as and object of scientific virtuosity living with so much effort for so little result. Ken funds himself in a catch 22 situation, where his intelligence leads to want to die, but this intelligence is the hospital's argument to keep him alive. Ken tells DR Scott that he does not want to face the challenge of learning to cope with his situation and become "a computer section of a complex machine" Ken's challenge is to convince the hospital that he should...

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