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Why A College Education Is Important To Me

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Ralph McDonald Jr.
EN1106.4 Achieving Academic Excellence
Lesson 5: Write and Communicate Well
August 1, 2014

For over twenty years, I have been working at dead end jobs. Most of the time, I’ve had to work two jobs at a time just to make the ends meet. A college education will change all of this enabling me to no longer struggle with working two jobs at a time. With my college education and degree, I should have a rewarding career within a few years of studying with limitless possibilities for growth. My advancement opportunities should be great, especially once I continue my college education from an Associate to a Bachelor degree. Even greater if I continue on to earn my Master’s Degree after I complete my Bachelor’s Degree. All in all, the sky is the limit and I am ready to fly.
There are many reasons why a college education is important to me. A college education can open doors that has been shut and sealed tight by way of hammer and ...view middle of the document...

A college education leads to higher paying salaries in the job market and potential to generate more lifetime earnings. According to Baum (2005) “Average lifetime earnings for individuals with associate degrees are almost 25 percent higher than average lifetime earnings for high school graduates.” (p.11) 25 percent is more than enough to persuade me to make the leap to earn a college education. “Census Bureau estimates suggest that in terms of today’s dollars, college graduates will earn an average of about $2.5 million, or about $1 million dollars more over their working lives than high school graduates.” (S. Baum and K. Payea 2005, p.11) These factors alone inspire me to get my college education and be a part of that percentage that earns about one million dollars more than a high school grad.
Besides the money and advancement opportunities, I’d like to think that a college education is important to me for my self-improvement. I believe that in no form or fashion can a higher education hurt me. It can only benefit me. I come from a family that did not have college plans at all. I will be the second one in my entire family to attend college and graduate with a degree. This is a major accomplishment in my eyes. Hopefully, this will inspire other members of my family to pursue their college education.
After years of working dead end jobs, I have finally made the leap to pursue my college education. I shall complete my Associate Degree in approximately 2 years or less. Once I’m done, I shall embody all that I have learned to move up the financial ladder of success. I will have made my family proud including most of all and most importantly, myself. Obtaining this college education is the most crucial thing that I am doing in my lifetime so far. And I plan on continuing to further my education all the way up to a MBA or until my thirst for knowledge has been quenched. My uncle, the only family member with a college education so far, recently graduated college with an associate degree in HVAC and he has been hired in less than two months of completion earning over $75,000 a year. Why wouldn’t I obtain a college education? It is too important for me not to get one. S. Baum and K. Payea (2005) Education Pays 2004

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