Why Are Human Beings Complex Organism

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Why are human beings complex organism

Human beings are complex organisms because they have many different types of cells which are organized into tissues, organs and systems to ensure that the body functions efficiently and smoothly. The organisation in the human body is summarized as:
Cells > Tissues > Organs > Systems > Organism.
There are approximately 200 types of cells in the human body. Each type of cell has different shapes and sizes and performs only one specific function in the body. For example, red blood cells transport oxygen and glucose throughout the body whereas white blood cells destroy bacteria and germs. This characteristic is known as ...view middle of the document...

For instance, organs such as brain, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, pancreas, testis and ovary form the endocrine system, which is responsible to coordinate and control the body’s functions such as growth, sexual maturation and level of glucose in blood.
The systems in the body are interdependent and do not work individually so that the human body functions as a whole. Thus, any damage to an organ or a system may affect another.

This organization of cells enables the functions of the body to be performed separately and more efficiently. In addition, different functions can be carried out at the same time by different body systems.
In terms of brain development, humans have a better developed brain compared to other living things. Hence, human being is the most intelligent living thing on Earth. Human beings have the ability to think and reason. Their actions are based on logical thinking and reasoning. Apart from this, human beings are also able to create, learn from experience and communicate with each other by using languages. This is what differentiates human beings from other living things such as plants and animals. Unlike human beings, animals do not know how to communicate and express their own feelings using language. For example, a pet dog may bark to tell its owner that it is hungry but not using human language. The abilities that human beings possess enable human beings to make use of science and technology to improve and enhance their standard of living in lives.
Human beings can think logically and rationally .In...

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