Why Are Young People Moving Back In With Their Parents

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Why Young People are Moving Back in with Their Parents? :
A Review of the Article
By Martha Straus

Chanel Todd
Professor Starkey
November 17, 2010
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The article “Why are Young People Moving Back in With Their Parents” by
psychotherapy networker, Martha Straus is a thoughtful dissection
on the growing trend of college-grad age adults moving back home with their parents.
She opens the article with an anecdote of when she herself had moved from home back
in the early 1970’s, noting that times have changed exponentially since then . In that
generation, late adolescents were being prepared to “cut the cord” ...view middle of the document...


aptly titled late bloomers need more time to mature and work into adulthood by

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their own timetables. They are usually coping with extenuating

circumstances, such as Asperger’s. The more extreme version of the late

bloomer appears to be the high riskers. Deemed by Straus as “emerging adults

too fragile to manage life on their own”, they usually have serious problems such

as addictions and problems with the law. Without a strong circle of support,

people in this group are at a high risk to end up in a hospital, prison or worse.

Equivalently, in terms of need of strong support, Straus identifies the long

haulers. These are people with chronic physical, emotional and/or social

problems whom long term care is vital to their well being. The nurturers are

young adults who move back in their parents’ home with children of their own.

Or, in other cases, Straus mentions a different type of nurturer, one who moves

back home to take care of their own family. As with the on trackers and the

regroupers, the nurturers return is meaningful. In contrast, the dreamers return or

remain in the comforts of home because the real world is not parallel with their

(usually artistic- musicians, poets, painters) aspirations.

After explaining that every bungee family is not the same and breaking their major components, Straus mentions another major factor in the return to the nest revolution: the economy. The failing economy has made transitioning into the real world exponentially more difficult for young adults. Her research has found that most college grads are now faced with at least $20,000 worth of school loans

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and a few thousand more in credit card debt. She says that they are “entering

adult life paying backward, not saving forward.” She also notes that economic

tribulations also probably play a role in relationship stability, hence why young

adults are waiting longer to get married.

In Martha Straus’ professional opinion, there are mainly two reasons for young adults moving back home: changing family dynamics and the atrocious state that the economy is in. Livescience.com seems to agree with the latter of Straus’ findings. In an article they cite that a recent survey by the Pew Research Center has found that about 11 percent of adults report living with their parents, with 4 percent of adults saying they were forced to move back home due to the recession.
Ten percent of adults, ages 18 to 34, aslo say the poor economy forced them to move

back in with their parents. The New York Times published an article stating that

since 2000, more people in the 25 to 39 age group have been residing at home and

by 2008, before the full effect of the recession was being felt, this number had increased

by double-digit percentages . They also found that “Last year, 37 percent of 18-to-
29year-olds were unemployed or no...

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