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Why College Important Essay

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President Barack Obama stated “Higher Education cannot be a luxury; it is an economic imperative that every family in America should be afforded”. Based on today’s society college education is a very significant stepping stone ensuring a better life and various career prospects in our economy. College is therefore, important to me as it allows personal growth, by enhancing my knowledge. Which has open doors to opportunities, I would not have otherwise. More importantly, college is important to me not only to make myself proud but to be a role model to my children. To show them that despite what obstacles stand in a person’s way, they should never give up.
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By overcoming my challenges, not quitting, working hard and resuming my education influenced my daughter to further her education beyond high school level where she has received an Associates and a Bachelor’s degree by the age of twenty four. Currently, my son is also undertaking his Bachelor’s Degree. I am filled with joy as my children and I realize the importance of a college education. We recognize that anyone with obstacles or circumstances can move forward and achieve greatness. I always held in mind my dreams and goals and the desire to better my life. Many of my goals set forth were achieved. The ability to set and achieve my goals propels and motivates me to attain my college degree as I know that all things are possible.
A college education would enhance my knowledge and play an imperative part in my life by allowing me to be a better, educated person in my professional and my personal capacity. Receiving a college education afforded me opportunities to compete within the workforce as I was able to gain higher positions. I was introduced to a manifold of various educational cultures and career fields. Furthermore, a college education opened numerous doors that I did not receive with a high school diploma. The source College Life reports states that obtaining a college education will afford you a higher paying job that is looking for a person with a degree. This shows that with a college education you will benefit from high paying salary and benefits that gives you stability in a job. To sustain this factor in a job it is vital to continue to gain new knowledge in today’s society. As John F. Kennedy stated the “goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth”. Therefore, it is necessary to be in the know with new and revised information. Doing so, you will become competitive within the various workforces. I am pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice as a means of making myself more marketable in the workforce. I chose this particular degree as I am already working in the Criminal Justice field and I love my job. Receiving this degree will help me to continue...

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