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Why Did The Barons Rebel Against King John?

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In 1216, the barons rebelled against King John because of many causes, which were: King John's ignorance, the loss of his English Empire and taxes. Some of these causes were long-term causes and others were short-term causes. Some of these causes triggered the rebellion.
One of the main causes that triggered the rebellion was that King John ignored the rules of the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was a written document of political rights given to rebellious English barons. In the Magna Carta there are different clauses that the King has to follow. This is very important because this meant that King John would allow the barons to agree on his advice and determine some of the law to the land. From this there was nothing that King John could do as he had to sign the Magna Carta otherwise he would not be king. Later on King John ignored the rules of the Magna Carta, which showed that he was very selfish and did not care about others. This then made the barons distrust ...view middle of the document...

Another important cause was that King John lost most of his Empire in France. This cause is also linked to when King John lost the Battle of Bouvines in 1214. These two causes helped to cause a rebellion because King John lost all his land and all of his wars, which meant that the barons did not give King John an army to fight with. It also meant that the taxes, which John used to pay for his wars, were a waste so the Barons actually saw that their money was being wasted. This cause also proved that King John was weak, a weak fighter and a weak king. If England were under attack, England would loose, and if John looses, the barons would lose. This cause made the barons very angry; as they wanted more power. From this the barons nicknamed him 'Lack land' and 'Soft sword'. This cause is a long-term as it happened before the barons rebelled against King John.
Another long-term cause was that John murdered his nephew Arthur in 1203. This helped to cause a rebellion because it made the barons distrust John from the beginning, as it was a long-term cause. Another reason was that if King John could kill one of his family members, he could kill absolutely anyone.
An important short-term cause is that John quarrelled with the Pope. The Pope was one of the most listened people in Britain and Europe, therefore by quarrelling with the Pope, King John was also quarrelling with the people. This causes helped to cause to causes a rebellion because John wanted to chose and be the Archbishop of Canterbury. However John also did not want there to be any weddings or funerals in the church. In the end the Pope excluded King John.
Lastly, another short-term cause is that King John lost a lot of the Crown jewels when his baggage train sank. This cause helped to cause a rebellion because this then made the barons distrust John. It also made the barons very annoyed with King John as the Crown jewels are part of the country's biggest and most valuable jewels This is a short-term cause as it happened very recently just before King John died.
Overall, the Barons rebelled against King John for many different reasons, but the trigger cause was that he disobeyed the rules of the Magna Carta, which means King John had lost many of the barons and the people's trust in him.

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