Why Did The Nazi's Came To Power

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The Nazis became Germany’s largest party by 1932 due to their excellent use of propaganda. How far do you agree with this view?

Nazi propaganda was very successful due to two main reasons; it was simple and direct, and it appealed to the majority of Germans. Unlike the other parties, the Nazi’s didn’t appeal to just one type of political group. One of the clearest signs of this is in their name, the Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s Party, appealing to the spectrum of political opinions. Many political parties fail at this because it is quite difficult to please everyone as many of the policies clash, but due to certain events, the Nazis succeeded in this.
Their propaganda was important, especially during the Great Depression, when the German people were eager to listen to anyone who showed they could bring prosperity back to their nation. Propaganda included ...view middle of the document...

American banks were loaning millions of dollars into German businesses to manufacture some of the best products of the era, rapidly growing Germany’s economy. The Weimar government seemed to be working and problems were minimal, until the stock market crash of 1929. The US economy went into one of the biggest downfalls ever to be seen, and the banks were asking for their money that they had loaned to Germany back. This led to nation-wide economy crisis, which in turn lead to a social crisis and then a political crisis, hyperinflation made money become worthless. Due to the events, the Nazis saw this as a great opportunity to criticize the Weimar government and promote themselves. Hitler used this as an example that democracy had failed and only he could rescue Germany and restore order amongst the nation.
The Nazis strong personal armies showed discipline in their party, and this was crucial for the German party at times of such uncertainty. Their rallies and marches, along with Hitler’s motivational, charismatic and mesmerizing speeches helped to uphold the Nazi view in the public. They were financially stable, even throughout the crisis because wealthy businessmen and industrialists supported their views to be able to have a free economy.
From the above points, it is clear that many factors lead to Nazi success by 1932, making them the largest political party of the time. However, there were flaws, which in turn never made them popular enough to have the two thirds of German votes they needed to change the constitution.
Nazi propaganda was different in such that it attracted a wider range of people, rather than trying to convince votes from a specific group of people. They also targeted many small towns and urban areas to gain their votes, as they believed their votes would be crucial if they needed to have majority in the Reichstag. In my opinion, without other events such as the Great Depression, the Nazi party would have never become the largest political party, and would have just continued to be a minor threat.

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