Why Did The Romans Win The Second Punic War?

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Overall there are three major factors as to why the romans won the second punic war they include Hannibal's unwillingness to adapt his war aim being to destroy the roman confederacy rather than destroy rome, Hannibal's lack of support from Carthage which greatly disadvantage him and the final main reason being Rome persistence and hard work including their inexhaustible man power and support from citizens and allies.

Hannibal conducted himself and the army effectively prior to the war and throughout it, his impeccable strategic, tactical and adaptive skills allowed him to win many battles however his inability to change his war aims and tactics brought him to his downfall. Livy states ...view middle of the document...

On top of this, allies of carthage weren’t attempting to send help either and instead just demanded protection from the army. Carthaginian allies wavered including the spaniards and the loss of the Numidian allies who allied with rome also affected Carthage’s loss and Rome’s victory. Many problems arose with the lack of provision and troops sand it left carthaginian army vulnerable for the romans to attack.

Livy also states that the major factor is Romes persistence and hard work that was an overall contributor to their victory.
They had an inexhaustible supply of man power from both roman citizens and roman allies. After the battle at cannae the romans decided to put 8 legions in the field and within 5 years of cannae they had raised 25 legions. In 214BC people with property were to provide funds to pay for sailors. Livy states that “this was the first occasion on which a roman fleet was provided with crews at the expense of private individuals”. In 212 BC an enlisting program...

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