Why Did The Second World War Break Out?

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The Second World War was the cause of 50 million deaths and £28,000 million loss to Britain’s economy; it was the worst and most costly event in human history. Obviously it is clear that the forces of Germany, and their leader Hitler, are responsible for war however the question is, did Hitler mean for war all along? Or was it just because Hitler was too carried away with using opportunities to his advantage? After looking at both the intentionalist and opportunist views of Hitler and his plans, I thought that he was both, he took opportunities and used them to his advantage however I think the main cause for war was the concrete plan he had for a greater Germany which of course, could not ...view middle of the document...

Although I strongly believe that Hitler was intentionally planning for war I think he did use different opportunities to gain more for himself and Germany before the war finally broke out. So yes I do think he was planning war all along however I do think he used events such as Mussolini and his war with the east Africa’s as distractions in order to get what he wanted such as the Rhineland. The British were to preoccupied by Italy to worry about a small area such as the Rhineland after all a lot of the British agreed with Germany taking back the Rhineland because most people thought the treaty of Versailles was to harsh on Germany any way. Further more I think that when Hitler needed more living space he went about getting it in very small bits in order to remain out of the world leaders world attention. For example Hitler took parts of Czechoslovakia and Poland at small pieces at a time such as the Sudetenland. But then once he could take no more without war he decided to take all of Czechoslovakia and Poland, which ignores the conditions of the Munich agreement completely.

Hitler’s physical and military based actions were not the only reason for England for going to war. Some people think that it...

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