Why Did War Break Out In 1939?

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War broke out in Europe in 1939 due to many different reasons. The Treaty of Versailles gave all of the blame on Germany for World War I, forcing Germany to pay for all of the damages of the war. Caused the German economy to collapse, which then caused hyperinflation. This forced the German Kaiser to abdicate his throne leading to the Wiemar Republic. With the Republic not doing anything to get Germany out of their economic depression, people like Adolf Hitler saw an opportunity to gain power. After the 1932 German national elections the Nazi party held majority in the Riechstag and Hitler was claimed Chancellor after losing the Presidential election to Paul von Hindenburg. After a few ...view middle of the document...

It showed Chamberlain as weak as Hitler was walking all over him. During appeasement Hitler took over the Sudetenland in September 1938. Britain and France gave into many of Hitler’s demands as long as they prevented war this occurred at the Munich conference in which Russia or Czechoslovakia was present. As Germany took over more countries, appeasement encouraged Hitler to be more aggressive and demanding. Stalin was convinced that Britain and France would not help him if Soviet Russia were attacked. Thus this is why he signed the Nazi Soviet pact which allowed him half of Poland. In the end appeasement failed as Britain said that if Germany invaded Poland they declare war on Germany.
The Wall Street crash made way for dictators like Hitler and Mussolini. These extremist political parties gained popularity due to the poor economic situation in Europe caused by the Wall Street Crash. Dictators such as Mussolini of Italy, used clever methods to help build up his power as he used common-sense to help build up Italy’s fragile economy. The Walls Street Crash also led to war since the world’s economy revolved around America’s economy, when the economy went downhill and bankruptcy was overflowing the rest of the world became affected too. Countries like Japan suffered hard as they already had a lack of resources and now it would be even more difficult to obtain them. However Germany, who was already millions of dollars in debt after World War Two as they were forced to pay reparation fees, had no chance of paying off their...

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