Why Do People Emigrate? Essay

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Basic Counseling Skills
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Attending Behavior Closed and Open-Ended Questions Paraphrase Summary Reflection

Attending Behavior
Orienting oneself physically and psychological Encourages the other person to talk Lets the client know you’re listening Conveys empathy

What Does Attending Behavior Look Like? SHOVLER
S: Face the other Squarely H: Head nods O: Adopt an Open Posture V: Verbal Following E: Speech L: Lean toward the other E: Make Eye Contact R: Be Relatively Relaxed


Open-Ended Questions
Questions that clients cannot easily answer with “Yes,”, “No,” or one- or two-word responses
“Tell me about your family while you were growing up” “Why is that ...view middle of the document...

” Counselor: “It sounds like you know you should avoid staying in bed or sitting around all day to help your depression.”


Purposes of Paraphrasing
To convey that you are understanding him/her Help the client by simplifying, focusing and crystallizing what they said May encourage the client to elaborate Provide a check on the accuracy of your perceptions

When to use it
When you have an hypothesis about what’s going on with the client When the client is in a decision making conflict When the client has presented a lot of material and you feel confused

Steps in Paraphrasing
Client, a 40-year-old woman: “How can I tell my husband I want a divorce? He’ll think I’m crazy. I guess I’m just afraid to tell him.” Steps
1) Recall the message and restate it to yourself covertly 2) Identify the content part of the message
Wants divorce, but hasn’t told husband because he will think she’s crazy


Paraphrasing (cont’d)
3) Select an appropriate beginning GET HANDOUT
E.g., “It sounds like,” “You think,” “I hear you saying,”

4) Translate the key content into your own words
Want a divorce= break off, split E.g., “It sounds like you haven’t found a way to tell your husband you want to end the relationship because of his possible reaction. Is that right?”

5) Confirm the accuracy of the paraphrase


Get into small groups and do the following paraphrases together

A collection of two or more paraphrases or reflections that condenses the client’s messages or the session
Covers more material Covers a longer period of client’s discussion


Purposes of a Summary
To tie together multiple elements of client messages To identify a common theme or pattern To interrupt excessive rambling To start a session To end a session To pace a session To review progress To serve as a transition when changing topics

Steps in a Summary
Example- Client, a 10-year-old girl
At the beginning of the session: “I don’t understand why my parents can’t live together anymore. I’m not blaming anybody, but it just feels very confusing to me.” [Said in a low, soft voice with lowered, moist eyes] Near the middle of the same session: “I wish they could keep it together. I guess I feel like they can’t because they fight about me so much. Maybe I’m the reason they don’t want to live together anymore.”

Steps in a Summary
1) Recall key content and affect messages
Key content: wants parents to stay together Key affect: feels sad, upset, responsible

2) Identify patterns or themes
She is the one who is responsible for her...

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