Why Do Students Take So Long To Complete College

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WHY DO STUDENTS Why do Students Take so Long to Complete College?


It is baffling how a five-year degree can take so long to complete. When going to school, many extenuating circumstances caused a five year degree to take almost eight years. Much of this was balancing work, school, and a family. However, there were other circumstances that made completing college a problem. Two of the most common challenges that plagued my progress, and still seem to be a problem for students today, are motivation and procrastination. Motivation is ...view middle of the document...

Still, extrinsic motivation can help students to complete college in a timely manner. A study by Woosley (2000) determined that students who had a social network of other students and instructors were more than likely to complete college within a set time period than those who did not have connection with other students and instructors. The motivation sought by students from their peers and instructors reward the students through praise and encouragement. Students need feedback from instructors to encourage forward motion. Peers also give this same type of motivation in social conversations and class discussions (Allen, 1999). Procrastination almost goes hand in hand with motivation. A student is more likely to procrastinate if there is no motivation. Procrastinators, according to Brownlow and Reasinger (2000), have difficulty self-regulating. They need more extrinsic motivation in order to complete their education. Parents and college professors often think grades are the best motivators for students to complete educational goals, but they are not the most effective means of motivation for the procrastinator. Procrastinators need the continuous extrinsic motivation that praise and encouragement bring. To complete a degree within the time allocations that a college sets is a challenge for any student. It...

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