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Why Do They Do This? Essay

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The usual question to bullies is always, “Why do you do this?” According to Rachel Rettner, bullies analyze themselves in a disapproving point of view (Rettner). They choose to intimidate those who are different from them so they seem more dominate. From where I stand as a Preschool Aide, I see young children that ridicule what they don’t understand. I believe bullies harass those they don’t understand. Bullies should recognize what they are doing and have harsher penalties.
When I was in grade school at Sacred Heart in Rich Fountain, we had a small class of ten. The private, parochial school was mixed with different school districts including Linn, Fatima, and Owensville. In my class ...view middle of the document...

His words of what he learned were compelling and different from the norm. He says, “From being teased I learned that the insults are people wanting to be mean, not about anything wrong with me. From being excluded, I learned to enjoy my own company… From being bullied, I learned to respect myself for having what it took to face what I didn’t like each day… From being rumored, I learned that I can’t control the lies people say about me or what others may believe, but I can always know the truth about myself. From being ganged up on, I learned that no matter how lonely it can feel to have many people against me, there are other people…who love me and are always on my side.” On the news and media we do always here the damaging results of bullying but never do we hear how it helps people. I would never condone bullying but this is a case where it bettered a person and he grew. I believe these words should be given to all those being bullied so they know there will be a better day and harm is not the answer.
Why do they do this? The answer has been found in a correlation between children who bully and are the target of another bullying scandal (Vatz and Weinberg). They also mimic adults’ actions toward them as well as other adults. The biggest adult influence to a child is their parents. If the parent is abusive in the home, out of school suspension of a student seems to be a pointless and unsuitable punishment for bullying. It will cause them to go home and see the same wrongs happening in their home. How are they expected to realize what they are doing is wrong? Vatz and Weinberg suggest that depending on the situation punishments such as “removing the child from activities, taking away recesses (assuming they child is young enough for such), or attending counseling sessions.” The word bully is also tossed around like any other, so calling someone a bully takes no effect. By telling a student they have committed a “crime of assault or harassment” it will make the action seem as serious as it actually is.
In a recent episode of Glee, the main bully, Dave, sat down with a member of the glee club and talked about why he was a bully. Together they realized he was a bully to a homosexual student because he too was homosexual. To assert his manliness he had always bullied so no one would realize he was gay. The show as a whole shows bullying and how the diverse group overcomes this together. Anyone can go to an assembly and watch a speaker for hours but high school students in today’s world are more apt to understand the topic of bullying from someone their own age on television. I believe a student can learn from this show that if they feel like the administration is not helping prevent the bullying in school issues, they should have some place to go to feel safe and get the help they need the way the glee club can. They could talk about issues they are having in and out of school so the extreme...

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