Why Does Evolution Matter Now? Essay

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Describe the non-TB antibiotic resistant bacteria evolution (from your second article).
One antibiotic resistant bacteria that has evolved over the years is methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, which is also known as MRSA. This bacteria staphylococcus aureus was first discovered in the 1880s was known to cause painful skin and soft tissue conditions. In 1943 penicillin became a widely used antibiotic by doctors. By 1945 more than 20% of of the S. aureus strains seen in hospitals were already resistant to penicillin.
In the year 1959 doctors starting using the powerful antibiotic methicillin to treat the S. aureus strains. But, unfortunately within two years methicillin-resistant strains of S. aureus (MRSA) appeared. Meticillin works by deactivating a protein that bacteria use to synthesize their cell walls. But, some ...view middle of the document...

Doctors start fighting a bacteria with a certain antibiotic. Sometimes the antibiotic does not kill all of the bacteria. The bacteria that is not killed with the antibiotic reproduces very quickly and passes on their resistance. Bacteria can exchange genes with members of their own and other species which also helps explain how other present-day multidrug-resistant bacterias have evolved.
For example the MRSA drug-resistant bacteria has evolved after the use of many antibiotics over the last century. It first became resistant to penicillin after doctors started using it often in the 1940s. Doctors then started using methicillin and after a few years the bacteria was able to make itself resistant to that antibiotic. Since then doctors have been using different antibiotics, but the bacteria continues to become resistant to the antibiotics.

Why should we care about a resistant strain of TB bacteria in Russia
We should care about the resistant strain of tuberculosis in Russia for many reasons. Tuberculosis is a chronic disease and if not diagnosed could possibly go on for years. It can also be spread by air. People can get the germ just by someone who is affected with it sneezing, coughing, or even simply breathing on them. People who have TB might not even know that they have the disease, but the germ can still be spread.
We should care about the resistant strain of TB in Russia because it can still affect people in other parts of the world. If someone who was infected with the disease was to travel to another country he/she could spread it to other people in that area. The strain of TB that Russia has is drug-resistant making it very hard to be treated with antibiotics. If the antibiotics do not kill the bacteria it could lead to death of the person. As more people would become infected many more people could die if the antibiotics were not effective.

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