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Why I Choose Washington And Lee University

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Why I choose Washington & Lee and what I will contribute to the W&L community.

My timetable for a normal day in the W&L campus:

7 a.m: Get up. Take a deep breath. Open the window to enjoy the beautiful glow of Lexington’s dawn.
7.30 a.m: Go to the gym. Work out. Then take a shower.
8.30 a.m: Class time. Math, English and Creative writing.
12 p.m: Fabulous lunchtime in The Marketplace.
1 p.m: Work-study in the library.
4 p.m: Dancing club go wild!
6 p.m: Vegetable soup, chicken salad and a mega-sized burger. Yummy!
7 p.m: Homework.
10 p.m: Enjoying campus night life: movies, students’ concerts and café.
0.00 a.m: Goodnight Washington and Lee.

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I can enjoy learning in small classes guided by friendly, renowned professors and experience the profound teaching quality. I will have an opportunity to travel and study in Japan – the homeland of my favorite novelist Haruki Murakami in the spring term under the special W&L’s study abroad program without having to excel in Japanese. Looking at the images of classes and studying moments of The Generals in modern classrooms, as well as one-on-one guidance of professor on every single student in the W&L’s brochure, I fall so deep in love and realize that Washington and Lee is the school for me. Studying at W&L, I can complete my ambition of acquiring knowledge as well as mastering necessary skills for my future career.

The life outside classroom at W&L would be also exciting, exclusive and vibrant. The university’s library opens 24 hours a day. Not only does the Honor Code creates a safe environment where nobody cheats, lies or steals each other’s belongings but also educates gentlemen and gentlewomen who are proud of their school’s tradition. Moreover, a community of more than 150 student organizations is waiting for the most active and enthusiastic minds. But things that make me fall for W&L campus life are the amazing facts and stories which Miss Trang Nguyen – my mentor, also a freshman at W&L ‘12 told me after a few months living there. “It’s a friendly campus where people, regardless of identity, race, gender, acquaintance or not, say hi and smile to each other when seeing each other on campus. Students dress beautifully and identically, girls usually wear sundress and skirts. The professors are so accessible and friendly”. All the things she said within the information I have browsed from the web make up a perfect W&L picture, in which a girl who loves wearing headbands and doing extracurricular activities like me will have a wonderful college life.

Because I really...

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