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Reasons for complacent feeling

The year 1961, many things that were so much fundamental and highly critical were occurring and no one seemed to bother. There was a high degree feeling of satisfaction and complacent feeling, and no one could take an initiative to make the condition or situation of defect better. For instance, no one bothered to ask the conductor why the passengers in the car had to suffer in the prevailing situation of extremely high temperatures in the car. It is noted that there is nothing to when the indoors the air conditioner has become faulty. The America people became so much complacent. No one was willing to take an initiative, even though a simple act of turning the heat off and allowing the great outdoors to come indoors in order to bring temperatures to favorable levels.
Other than this complacency from travelers, other areas also show this feeling of self-satisfaction in the ...view middle of the document...

They don’t want to make their voices be heard, and are so much unenthusiastic about claiming their rights. The Americans are so much afraid that their cause is not only unjust but also ambiguous; or if not even that, that it is too insignificant to justify the hard situation of confrontation
Despite this prevailing situation of complacency, others normally gather the courage of speaking up. These are the category of people who just don’t want to suffer collectively and silently or conspicuously, hoping that somebody will stand up and fight for them, or hoping that the situation will automatically become better after sometimes of being patient. In most cases, situations don’t simply change from worse to better in a spontaneous manner; instead, they must be initiated. If situations like this ones are just left to initiate their own correcting mechanisms, then they might remain so for a very considerable time duration, they can as well tend towards an even more difficult and uncomfortable scenario. It is only through the sense of concern and courage that would make a person be liberated from uncomfortable situations.
Very many people do suffer much as a result of cowardice. They simple lack guts to tell the other party for desires and expectations. Even when the expectations are not met, and they know very well that their expectations are not met, they still go ahead and pay for the substandard services, without demanding to know why things could not be done in a perfect manner.
In that era of increased technological advances and consolidated powers in economic and political spheres, the majority of Americans become so reluctant to be assertive in all aspects of life. It was worse in politics. The Americans, around the time, treated politics and all political activities with lack of interest and a high degree of indifference. Political indifference was so real and highly exposed. There was the alienation of power from citizens each and every year, and, as a result of this, they become disillusioned and developed an attitude of indifference and acceptance. President John F Kennedy reminded Americans that they should not ask what the country would do for them but instead must focus to find out what they would do to the country.

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