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Why I Want To Get An Mba

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Personal Statement

March 6, 2013

Marshall Islands Scholarship
Grant and Loan Board

Dear Board of Directors,

I do believe with all my heart and soul that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the course of our young nation to a better and brighter future. It is quite a disappointment to witness that more Marshallese students have stopped dreaming big. As I am writing this statement I’m witnessing Marshallese students graduating from American High Schools with close to zero interest of dreaming on going to college and getting a Bachelor, a Master degree, or even a Doctorate degree. I believe dreaming big and finishing college are an irreplaceable part of ...view middle of the document...

Back then we both agreed on two conditions (myself and the board of directors) if they were to grant me scholarship:

1. I finish my undergraduate degree with good academic standing and
2. When I’m done with my undergraduate degree I will come back to the Marshall Islands and work for the people of the Marshall Islands for two years.

I am proud to say that I have fulfilled my two years obligation to the Marshall Islands Government by going back and giving back. In fact, right after I graduated with my bachelor degree in business administration I went back and work for the Marshall Islands Scholarship Board as Fiscal Officer for a year and then later transferred to Ministry of Finance worked for them as Chief Accountant and Assistant Secretary and later with Air Marshall Islands Inc. as Chief Financial Officer.

Over the course of three years that I’ve work for the Government, I realized that as I move up the management ladder, I am being challenged with more complicated and complex business problems. This is when I start thinking of going back to get my MBA. I felt I can be more effective in solving complex business problems if I go back to school and deepen my understanding of the ever changing business problem issues in the finance and accounting fields.

In addition, I want to go back to...

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