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Why I Want To Go To College? Essay

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My decision to enroll in college has been a long one. I look back now and remember being a sophomore and wondering why people were worrying so much about college when they still had two whole years to make a decision. When it came to my senior year I realized I had no money for college, no scholarships, nothing, didn’t even know what I wanted to go to school for. As the summer months went on I wondered if I would ever make it to college. When I joined the Army I knew about the benefits they offered for college but still did not think too much about it. Once we deployed I rarely thought about school, the only thing I really thought about was getting through the deployment and making it back ...view middle of the document...

Along with advancement in my career and my numerous school options it will benefit my financial life. The promotion and schools I will get will continue to add money to my salary.
I also wish to excel in my learning. I never really cared so much about learning or knowledge in high school because I never realized when I was working on trucks or tinkering with my bow that I was learning. I always thought of learning as sitting in a classroom getting told to sit down, shut up and pay attention. Now I find myself seeking out knowledge every chance I get. In the future I hope that going to a college for a degree in agriculture will help me learn a new trade. The Army is a good career but I’m not sure if I will always stay in, so with this said, I will need a backup plan in case I do decide to get out. With a degree in agriculture I would be able to work as a ranch hand and maintain a person’s wildlife and property. I know a little about working a ranch right now but the things I would learn at a university would advance my knowledge in that field greatly.
The main reason that motivated me to start doing my school is this deployment. When we first got here it was fast paced, constant missions, no down time. As the time went on though, we have begun to get more down time...

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