Why Immigration Reform Is Unnecessary Essay

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In 2010, approximately 11.2 million undocumented immigrants resided in the United States (Passel & Cohn, 2011). Citizens of other countries migrate to America for different reasons to receive better education opportunities, to earn enough income to support family members still living in their homelands, and to ultimately experience the American way of life. Some politicians, lawmakers, and American citizens believe that entry into the country should be regulated and, to a certain extent, restricted for economic, security and cultural reasons. I argue that Immigration Reform is not needed in the United States because it will have detrimental effects on the economic stability, innovation, and ...view middle of the document...

For example, illegal immigrants consume goods and services while being in America, and subsequently have to pay things such as sales tax. According to Julian Simon, a former professor, practically none receive social security but 77 percent pay social security taxes, and 73 percent have federal taxes withheld (Simon, p. 265). Immigrants tend to fill job positions that most Americans would not want to work because of pride and pay. For instance, immigrants from Mexico often take on service positions such as cleaning and yard maintenance for reduced pay. Since these individuals are willing to work for lower pay, operation costs for businesses are reduced, thereby allowing for more competitive prices. Lower prices result in more purchasing power for Americans, and subsequently fuel the economy (Lehman, 2012).
Another reason why immigration reform is not needed is because restriction of immigrants coming into the country will obstruct the open exchange of new ideas and innovation. Recently, emphasis has been placed on the importance of science and ingenuity in keeping America modern and competitive in the new world. Some immigrants are influential in the advancement of the country because they bring both intellect and brain power to the U.S. The Brookings Institution Report reported there areas are more high-skilled immigrants migrating to the Unites States than low-skilled ones. They also reported that in 2010 thirty percent of working-age immigrants had at least a college degree and twenty-eight percent lacked a high school diploma (Florida, 2011). These individuals are able to use their education, skills, expertise and ideas toward the betterment of the country.
Finally, restricting free entrance into the U.S. and implementing a challenging path to citizenship could potentially effect the country’s reputation. When compared to other countries, the U.S. has earned the reputation of being the land of opportunity. America was founded by immigrants that provided achieving religious freedom, gaining economic independence and new opportunities. Immigration Reform would slowly tarnish this reputation. Without such a reform the population develops a greater sense of tolerance for diverse cultural practices, languages, races and religions.
The above mentioned reasons for finding Immigration Reform necessary are flawed. The claim that without the reform criminals and terrorist will have a breeding ground to engage in illegal activity is inaccurate and oversimplified. As with any country, there are citizens who engage in illegal activity. For example, American citizen Jose Padilla constructed plans with al Qaeda to detonate a bomb on American soil, and was subsequently caught in 2002 (Fantz, 2011). Proper security measures can be taken to ensure that national security is not compromised without...

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