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Why Is The Concept Of Sovereignty So Problematic

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''Why is the concept of sovereignty so problematic?''

The definition of a state in its most simple form is a territory with a permanent population and a government which has both internal and external sovereignty. Sovereignty in itself is problematic though as there are so many different types of it, the most simple definition of sovereignty is ultimate power, for example when we in the UK say ''Parliament is sovereign'' what we really mean is there is no higher body than parliament, as parliament has the ultimate power. In reality though sovereignty is much more difficult to define.

One of the more specific forms, which falls under larger banner of sovereignty is that of pooled ...view middle of the document...

In recent times, and particularly since the creation of the EU the concept of nationalism has become far less important, as the world has become far more interconnected, through both trade and in the case of the Eurozone through currency also.

In addition to the sovereignty debate connected to the european union there is another regarding the nations themselves. This debate is that of de jure and de facto sovereignty, de jure sovereignty is the internationally recognised right to control a territory, de facto on the other hand is the reality of just whom has control of a state or territory. A case of this in action is in the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus, which declared its self independent from the rest of Cyprus in 1983. However it is only recognised as an independent state by Turkey itself therefore it only has de facto sovereignty as the UN and others have yet to acknowledge its existence as an independent state

Because of the number of different types of...

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