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Why Leds Are Better Than Halogen

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A light bulb can be commonly found in every home, around 30% of household electricity bills are for lighting, by replacing inefficient lighting with a more energy efficient and cost effective light, the electric bill can reduce significantly. Almost every person grew up under lights but the physics of a bulb when it is lit for example, the ratio of heat and light output is often disregarded. This article explains and justify why Light-Emitting Diode (LED) are far more energy efficient than Halogen lamps and should be used in every house.
Halogen Lamp
Incandescent lights such as the halogen lamp are inexpensive and the most commonly used form of lighting. A standard 100-watt halogen light ...view middle of the document...

Functioning at a very high temperature also affects its life span thus an average halogen bulb only lasts 1 000 to 6 000 hours depending on its quality which makes regular replacement necessary. It's possible for the outer protective shell to break (although very durable) and the inner bulb filament to keep working and it's extremely hazardous because it might explode or cause fire when in contact with moisture. [2] [5]
A halogen light bulb is not without its advantage too, with the pure bright white light it emits, halogen bulbs are ideal for outdoor uses such as outside a shop, advertisement billboards or a garden because the white light makes colours appear so much more vibrant. A halogen filled floodlight are often use in big areas like stadiums or warehouses at night because it is capable of lighting the whole area up, providing workers the same visibility similar to day light. Most study lamps are made of halogen light bulbs too because a white light is ideal for reading in the dark and reduces eyestrain for long use, as long as its shielded from direct eye contact. Compared to a standard incandescent light, a halogen lamp runs for a few times longer and is able to produce around 94% of the initial light output near the end of its life span while a standard bulb drops down to 82%. [2] [5]
Light Emitting Diodes
Light emitting diodes or as commonly known as LED is one of the newest inventions in lighting history. It is extremely small in size and is now used as display screens in all kinds of electrical equipment such digital clocks, television or phones. It can also light up an area if used collectively. Unlike halogen light bulbs, LEDs don’t use gas or heated filaments to create light hence it doesn't get dangerously hot even after long usage. Instead it illuminates simply by the movement of electrons in the semiconductor material inside it making it the most energy efficient lighting option available. [1] LEDs have an energy efficiency of 30 – 90 lm/W, converting more than 90% of the input energy into light energy. With heat being the most common cause of the break down for electronic devices and with no filaments to burn out, LED barely wares and the life span ranges from 25 000 hours to 100 000 hours. A led light illuminates to it is brightest without any ‘warming up’ time while a halogen light bulb takes 10 to 30 seconds to light up depending on the initial temperature of the filaments because it needs to be heated up, LEDs can also can be switched on and off constantly with no harms caused to it so it is safe to turn it off whenever leaving an area without worrying which contributes to more energy saving. [1] [4] [5] [6]
One of the few disadvantages of LED has is that the initial cost of a LED light that is capable of lighting a whole area is much higher than most incandescent and halogen lamps. This is because the advanced semiconductor materials in LEDs. However, it is mostly negligible on the long run due to their low...

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