Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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Currently the government allows you to smoke a substance that kills over 400,000 people a year nation wide, and over 3.5 million a year worldwide. The tobacco companies strive to make this product more addictive (and it’s already more addictive that heroin!). In fact, the government not only allows it, but funds it. However, marijuana, in its 5,000 year history, has yet to produce 1 documented case of death. It has yet to be scientifically proven to have any long-term affects on the brain, and is less addictive than caffeine! Yet, marijuana is illegal. Why isn’t tobacco? There are 2 reasons for this. And none of them are because tobacco is better than marijuana. One- the government can ...view middle of the document...

This would cause a politician to veer from it for fear of losing precious votes. So the situation really boils down to nothing more than ignorance, and politics.

In a fair discussion, poor Mary Jane would be innocent until proven guilty, but sense the law has poised many against her, a fair discussion is impossible. So instead of asking why she is illegal, I’ll explain she should be legal. There are five reasons for this one.

One- Liberty. Even if it was harmful, you have the right to “hurt” your self if you so choose. Tobacco smokers are not allowed to smoke in restaurants, the same should apply to weed. Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, and other religions smoke marijuana as part of spiritual and religious ceremonies. They deserve freedom to practice their religion. The First Amendment states that the government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion. Because you get high off marijuana, similar to being drunk, I think it should only be available to 21 and up, to ensure it is in mature hands.

Two- It would be controlled and regulated. You never see a dealer on the street corner selling cigarettes or booze. That’s because they are legal- an illicit market would never stay in business. Kids get marijuana easier than cigarettes or alcohol because the people that sell it don’t care how old you are - or your health, they just want your money. Thus that same dealer would sell you hard drugs just as quickly. If it where legalized, the illicit market would go out of business, and a legitimate one, regulated by the FDA would take its place.

Three- Prohibition doesn’t work. If any thing it causes the “forbidden fruit” effect causing people (especially teens) to want it more. We should have learned our lesson when it failed so miserably with alcohol in the 1930’s- which (not...

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