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Why Not Legalize Essay

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Nicole Fisher
Why Not legalize Marijuana?
Kaplan University
College Composition 2-Big Ideal Project

Why Not legalize Marijuana?

Americans ask "Why should marijuana be legalized?" but Americans should ask "Why is marijuana illegal?". There is so much the country could benefit from marijuana, if it was to be legalized.   Marijuana's value to the medical world outweighs its potential abuse . An entire industry could be created out of hemp based products, which comes from Marijuana. Humans use nearly every part of the marijuana plant. The stalks help produce fiber, the seeds provide food and oil, the flowers, leaves and resin appear in ...view middle of the document...

But also in extreme cases the result of too much alcohol can cause unconsciousness or even worse death. On the other hand when you smoke marijuana you will also be incapable to drive but never has it cause someone to be unconscious or die. A major cause of death in this country is from alcohol poisoning , not marijuana poisoning or overdose. But it is reported by the Washington Post in 2006, that marijuana smoking, even in the extreme cases, does not lead to lung cancer, while smoking cigarettes cause 440,000 premature deaths a year (Havelka,2008). The plant is a medicine for many illness, it relieves nausea and stimulate appetite, which many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy suffer from. It is also used by patients who have multiple sclerosis, AIDS/HIV, glaucoma, manic depression, anxiety, hepatitis C, Alzheimer, osteoporosis, sleep apnea, diabetes and obesity, just to name a few. Also there are many people who suffer from excruciating pain on a daily basis and they smoke marijuana to help easy that pain. Peter F. Ullrich,Jr.,MD states that using narcotic prescription drugs is very addictive, has many side effects, and can lose effectiveness in a short period of time. When Marijuana has been proven to aid in pain management when no prescription pain pill will work (Robby,D. 2010). Marijuana has many good uses that was used back in the day to now to help people with many different illness. So medical marijuana goods' outweighs its bad.

Because marijuana is illegal many people have tried to find a more legal way to get what they need or want from marijuana by smoking a man made synthetic marijuana. This synthetic marijuana is also know as designer drugs, K2, and Spice. Though this drug is originally made to be sold as incenses and not for human consumption people have consumed it like marijuana. This look- alike drug is available in 37 states and sold in many tobacco shop. But not matter the slight comparison appearance this is far more dangerous. The synthetic drug has chemicals in it that is 5 times more powerful than marijuana. This drug has given many people seizures and cause over 500 people poisoned in the last year according to ABC News (2012). The side effects of this drug have been reported to increase blood pressure, heart rate, and cause very bad hallucinations. The long term effect of this synthetic drug is very deadly. ABC News also reported that this new drug caused a Waco, Texas man to eat and kill a dog while under the influence of this drug. That was not the only incident report due to the wild hallucination of this drug. People would not be trying unhealthy look-alike drugs if marijuana was not illegal.

Aside from the medical and recreational use, marijuana also known as hemp, has several industrial and commercial uses, as much as over 25,000 products can be made from the crop (Messerli,2011). Hemp is one of the most useful plants on earth, not to mention it has become the new billion...

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